Interactive Table

Playful experience that educates visitors to a world class driving facility about the unique qualities of premium tires.

Multitaction table with 10 custom fiducial markers that interact with the screen.

Experience Design + Content Strategy
Interactive Table
Visual/motion designer, developer, industrial designer, ACD, producer
Immersion visits, stakeholder interviews, on-site visitor interviews, client workshop
Wireframes, copywriting, content guide
Iterative physical prototypes for Multitaction fiducials, full-scale foam core mockup of table structure

We designed five beakers to represent the major “ingredients” in a premium tire.

Users are challenged to add the right ingredient to the mix at the right time.

Interactive tables, in general, are a huge UX challenge. This project was especially difficult because it was intended to be very didactic AND we introduced a very unfamiliar interaction paradigm with the physical beakers.

I prototyped the table itself at several scales. This small, scrappy model helped prove that an early design was too complex to be practical.

I taught myself to use SketchUp for this project. (This was before our studio had physical designers.)

I did a lot of paper prototyping as I integrated the content with the UX. The beaker prototypes all began as folded paper.

The original concept for the beakers was that users would physically pour them “onto” the table, triggering an animation that would resemble the corresponding substance. After testing this with a prototype, we realized that it never occurred to users that they could “tip” the beakers over. The paradigm of spilling an empty beaker on a screen was too unfamiliar.

I usually begin content strategy with a mind map. In this project, the map literally extended into the paper prototyping and inspired the way the content came to life onscreen.