Mobile App for Historic Site

A mobile app designed to fit Colonial Williamsburg’s decidedly non-digital brand. We were tasked with addressing basic visitor needs and expectations (wayfinding, ticketing, character tracking, reminders) without distracting them from the immersive experience of being there.

The project began with a strategy phase, following by two phases, the second of which added ticketing and payment functionality.

Experience Design (Phase 1), Creative Lead (Phase 2)
2015 – 2017
Mobile App (Xamarin)
Visual designer, 3 devs, tech lead, project manager, creative director, business analyst
2-day client workshop, multiple immersion trips, visitor interviews, stakeholder interviews
Initial sketches, traditional wireframes and InVision prototype

The design of the map was a collaborative process involving our visual designer, our devs, MapBox, Xamarin and a lot of experimentation. CW is quite difficult to navigate on foot, so we prioritized replicating the landmark buildings with custom illustrations.

Meeting with the interpreters who wander the grounds is one of the highlights of a CW visit. But they’re easy to miss. We added character tracking and alerts so that visitors can opt to receive a notification when Thomas Jefferson is out and about.

The app was prototyped with traditional wireframes and then with InVision. Since our entire team (design and tech) was in the same office, I also mapped screens out on boards. Although there wasn’t anything physical to prototype, I find it extremely helpful to see everything in one place.