Interactive Brand Museum

Six fully interactive in-gallery experiences, plus two non-interactive A/V experiences and a companion mobile experience for non-local employees.

Experience Design + Content Strategy
2015 – 2016
Digital and Physical Experiences
3 visual designers, motion designer, 3 front end devs, 1 back end dev, tech lead, producer, creative
W3 (Best in Show), Creativity International (Gold), Communicator Awards (Excellence)
Workshop with clients and exhibit design partner, stakeholder interviews
Sketches, user journeys, wireframes, content guides, floor plans
1:1 physical/digital mock ups for six interactive experiences

A series of interactive pillars sharing “then + now” stories encapsulating the company’s values.

We prototyped and designed a custom knob to emulate a “microfiche” experience.

A render produced by a visual designer. The pillars interact with the LED lighting that runs overhead, bridging the inside of the gallery to the entrance.

An initial sketch of the pillars.

The Voices interactive helps employees get to know their colleagues in offices across the country.

Inside the Center, a photo booth experience lets visitors add themselves to the Voices gallery. We tested a custom lighting setup based on the Kardashian family’s ultra-flattering photo booths. We also designed and developed a mobile experience for employees in other offices.

Schematic diagram of the Voices gallery.

Early sketches of the Voices gallery with different concepts.

Our client requested a timeline-style interactive. These are staples of corporate museums, but they’re extremely challenging to get right. In this case, we decided to make the stories large and easy to read, and use a more novel interaction as an attractor.

We used Kinect cameras to track visitor movement in a grid in front of the experience. The screen responds to accordingly.

As the user moves closer, the screen they’re approaching appears to open up for them.

We considered a number of other responsive approaches, including a version where the user would appear to be walking across the world. But the need for the timeline to be multi-user pushed us to our ultimate execution.

The Beacons interactive is designed to be an evolving public piece that responds to movement outside the gallery. The biggest challenge of a piece like this is making it meaningful, without being too on-the-nose.

Schematic diagram

Early experience map for the Beacon installation.